The Historical Falcon Heavy Launch

When Human Innovation, Meets The Impossible - The Falcon Heavy Launch

The Falcon Heavy Launch is something I will never forget. The moment when human innovation meets the impossible. Crowds were in the tens of thousands with an estimated 100,00 spectators descending on Florida's Space Coast. Traffic was hectic, and parking was even worse. Luckily, we found a homeowner near the beach and offered to pay him so we could park in his driveway. He accepted! 

It was a hot and humid day for Florida's spectators hoping to see this historical launch. Light winds at the ground didn't cause any issue, but the sheering winds higher into the atmosphere caused delay after delay as crowds waited in anticipation. The launch window opened at 1:30pm to 4:00pm. As time began to pass, spectators began to wonder if the launch would even take place. About an hour before the window closed, SpaceX announced a final launch time attempt of 3:45pm. Leaving only 15 minutes to spare in the launch window. As time continued to count down, we expected to be notified that the launch was cancelled for the day. But it wasn't. 10, 30, 45 minutes had gone by. T-Minus 15 minutes and counting until liftoff. Then, will all eyes on the sky, it happened. The roar of the Falcon Heavy's 27 engines filled the air as it soared into space.

That wasn't even the most incredible part. That moment came when both small boosters began their re-entry back to earth. As they got closer and closer to the launch pads everyone held their breath. They were descending in unison. No more than what appeared to be 50 yards apart. Readjusting and burning at almost the exact same times. Until finally, they approached the launch pads to land, side by side, the pinnacle of human innovation... The Falcon's had landed.

About the Falcon Heavy: