Surf's Up!! Hurricane Maria Swells Hit Florida's East Coast.

     It was a wicked week of surfing the swells of Hurricane Maria on the east coast of Florida. I met up with some new friends, Gunnar Schmauss, Marshall Alberga (Blue Trunks - Mostly), and Eddie Guilbeau (Red Trunks - Mostly), along with some other guys, and had an epic week. We slept, ate, and shot for a week straight chasing the waves. Days began to blend as our brains became sunburned. It felt as if we were living in 'The Endless Summer'. On one of the days, I put my big camera aside and hopped in the water to shoot some slow-mo with my gopro up close, getting right up in the action. (Video Below) I can't wait until the next adventure we take. Thanks to all these guys for putting on a great show!

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